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Social media is the latest advertising buzz, and for good reason. Social media websites, such as Facebook, have opened the door to an entirely new way to advertise to a key audience.

This is revolutionary, since entirely new markets and ways to advertise to them typically don’t materialize out nothing in just several years. As an advertising buyer, it is an extraordinary opportunity.

Here is what you need to know about social media. Basically, there are two sides. Those sides are the user and the customer.

The social media user is the person that uses the free social media service. If you’re on social media, you don’t pay to use it and you make posts on a regular basis, then you’re a user.

The social media customer is the person buying the ad spots on social media. They are spending real cash for the opportunity to place their advertisements in front of the correct audience. They place their advertising near the content being generated by the users.

Many businesses don’t see the two sides of social media, and fail to capitalize on the markets the social media channels represent.

While social media not will solve all marketing challenges, it does represent a great opportunity in buying. Social media should be explored by most businesses selling to consumers.

BlueRally Marketing follows social media trends and explores the potential social media represents for selling a product or service. BlueRally is an excellent partner for navigating and managing this exciting new way to sell.


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