Great communication about a product or service is the foundational element of any marketing effort. If there is a business story to tell, then copywriting is the backbone of marketing.

BlueRally Marketing provides copywriting services for marketing efforts and websites. Provide a project scope and request an estimate. It is that simple.

Cruise with BlueRally in these focus areas:


Engage customers 24/7 with clear, compelling content. Relevant website copy builds interest and motivates decisions for customers seeking your goods or services.

Refreshing a website’s message, increasing topic integration or developing new content provides a stronger audience connection. Creating multiple levels of content ensures site visitors find what they are seeking quickly and effectively.

Navigation – Finding information quickly while on the go is a big desire in mobile research. Organized content geared for mobile devices aids in speed and develops confidence in decisions.  

Content Strategy – Providing the correct terms and meeting online expectations creates informed visitors. Knowledge is power. An empowered visitor is much more motivated in a buying decision.

Interviews – The best online copy starts by knowing the subject. Marketing gold is found in objective interviews of subject experts. Experts can include business owners, their employees and industry professionals.

Audience – Websites have more than one audience. Visitors include humans and search bots. Both audiences have very specific needs. Understanding how to cover these needs makes a website more compelling and relevant.


Maintaining contact with current customers is an excellent way to reinforce the brand image of a business and remaining relevant with the customer. An emailed newsletter is a great way to eliminate postage costs while delivering your content straight to a mobile device. Just about any business can benefit from ongoing contact with current customers.

Editorial calendar – Establishing an editorial calendar based on deadlines solves the macro problem of “What do I write?” and “When is it due?” There is always something to share once a calendar is developed.

Content and writing – Concise copy that contains information pertinent to the reader is always a winner. Good newsletter writing keeps interest on your business.

Layout and Design – Designs suitable for mobile devices are key. Responsive designs are important for newsletters, and the mobile customer.

Win the Day! Effective marketing with Integrity.

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