William Wiebking

William Wiebking

William Wiebking is the marketing director and owner of BlueRally Marketing. After starting his career in publishing, he approached his career in advertising and marketing with an eye towards audience and content.

The approach served well for a prestigious American all-male military boarding school in Virginia, where competition is challenging, fierce and rewarding. The successful integration of online marketing with the school’s traditional advertising mix helped maintain and build market share over the 18 years in service to the school.

Requiring more content, social media provided new avenues of customer interaction and engagement. It also opened new opportunities to advertise, both which were aggressively pursued to great success.

As a media buyer managing a high six figure advertising and marketing budget, coordination, testing and measuring substantial advertising and marketing efforts were routine. Putting the pieces together to the right audience was the goal.

BlueRally Marketing is an outgrowth of this background, where integration of a consistent message into each platform builds brands, increases customer engagement and influences buying behavior.

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