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Make Marketing your Team Member

Teamwork is learned on athletic fields and espoused by almost every primary and secondary school in the country. Teamwork is a central concept in Marine squads, CDC researchers and aerospace engineers. Teamwork is what we cheer for at the Superbowl. It is a character commodity that is valued by employers, employees and Americans in general.

It could be argued that teamwork is what turned America into an economic powerhouse. Men and women working together for a much larger, common goal of peace and prosperity.

Teamwork, then, is the organizational power that turns daunting tasks into manageable efforts. Where one person has a great difficulty with a large task, a group working together can make the same effort much easier or even simple.

Effective marketing is a large task. Locating and engaging new customers with a product or service, often contested by a competitor, is always ongoing. It typically requires elbows on the table in terms of work output. It requires people working together, talking and being adaptive to changes with the target audience.

Many small to mid-size businesses approach this large, competitive area of business with a great ‘I can’ attitude, and quickly realize that there is not enough time or money to tackle a given vision. Halfhearted attempts are still half-hearted.

Additionally, there is the ongoing issue of effectively engaging the target audience for a business. Do display ads, emails or social media work with the business audience? Are newspapers, TV channel and radio stations still valid? Is the message still on target?

Experience counts. If lead generation and customer growth is what you seek, hire marketing partners that will help lift the load, free up time and move the company forward.

USMC Team Building Course
USMC Combat Engineers going through a modified sappers course on August 1, 2016 participate in a team building exercise. Image by Pfc. David Weikle.