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BlueRally Marketing completes FCS, Inc. Website Redevelopment

BlueRally Marketing has concluded a website redevelopment project for FCS, Inc. FCS, Inc. is a growing industrial services firm based in Danville, Virginia. The firm has two divisions focused on professional janitorial services and large scale industrial cleaning. It maintains contracts throughout the mid-Atlantic region and has recently provided contract work as far away as California.

“FCS, Inc. is one of Danville’s great business success stories,” William Wiebking, BlueRally Marketing’s advertising director, said. “Most of their work is necessary but unglamorous. They engaged Danville’s BlueRally Marketing to find new customers and grow their regional industrial portfolio. The redevelopment of the website is one part of a larger ongoing effort to market the company regionally. Danville has good road and rail connections for regional growth, and FCS, Inc. is capitalizing on its location as it continues growth in other states and cities.”

FCS, Inc. had two challenging marketing issues facing its industrial services division in 2017. First, the division had limited exposure to its core audience, factory owners and facilities managers. It sought a better method to reach this specific audience, and engage those business leaders successfully. Second, the firm needed a website geared for sales to capture additional interest and leads.

FCS, Inc. offers 12 very different industrial services focused on facility cleaning and maintenance. Services range from explosive dust removal to confined space rescue. Their previous website content provided good information on what they do, but the content wasn’t aligned for sales.

“Through its process, BlueRally Marketing studied the company and discovered several very active efforts FCS, Inc. was doing to win business but were not reflected in their website’s message,” Wiebking said. “They have a very young, responsive, and competitive team. They visit industrial sites on a call and strive to provide thoughtful project quotes expeditiously. This is important information to share with new industrial prospects, who want problems solved quickly and their production lines undisturbed. FCS, Inc. solves problems quickly, but no one arriving at the site knew about their exceptional diligence.”

With the primary content work of the FCS, Inc. website is complete, BlueRally Marketing will remain working closely with the firm to ensure ongoing performance from their marketing efforts. The ongoing goal maintains a healthy forward growth trajectory for FCS, Inc, while being responsive to changes at the firm and with their customers, and outmaneuvering their competition.

BlueRally Marketing LLC is a marketing and professional services firm providing growth-oriented businesses expertise in advertising, content development, and lead generation. Danville and Pittsylvania County companies utilize BlueRally’s 17 years of experience in marketing and public relations to developing an effective, unified message across different advertising platforms.

Excellence in Message

When you buy a lot of advertising for marketing efforts, you pay keen attention to the efforts of others. If you remember Korean Air’s ‘Excellence in Flight’ campaign, it hit everything right. Korean Air showcased their love of flying, their people and their destinations. Their effort wasn’t funny, or cute. Their campaign was as stylish as it was classy.

At the end of their ads I wanted to take a flight on Korean Air just to experience their airline. Just the flight looks like enough reason for a long trip to Hong Kong. Who wouldn’t want to be pampered for ten plus long hours?

To craft a campaign so perfect, it takes a lot of collaboration between the company, Korean Air, and its talent. The copy writer especially hit it out of the park with a great script with visual elements that simultaneously supported the audio while pushing every single word.

Writing great scripts for ‘Excellence in Flight’ was the foundation of the Korean Air effort. While most of us would never admit it, writing is a chore best left to others. Putting pen to paper or fingers to a keyword is challenging work. Korean Air made it look easy.

If you start writing your own advertising effort with a ‘Heck, I can do that’ attitude, you might find yourself miserable in short order. Great advertising efforts take countless hours of development and revision. They take peer review. They take a plan.

Advertising messages are never simple creations if done well. They only appear to be simple creations.